Pop-up Retreat!
Reinvigorate your life right on the picturesque NSW Coast.
Nov 24 - Dec 1, 2019
at the Stuarts Point Convention Centre
SoZo: to heal; to save; wholistic health (physical, mental and spiritual)
Come and experience a one-of-a-kind program scientifically designed to improve your quality of life. Our team of licensed medical professionals review your current health, medical history, activity levels, eating habits, sleep patterns and stress tolerance in order to create your personalized lifestyle prescription.

your SOZO experience

Learn secrets to lasting health and wellness
Find a strategy to ease stress without overeating
Lose weight without feeling starved
Improve your blood test results
Learn how to lower your need for medications
Enjoy detoxifying plant-based meals
Move your body during supervised physical activities
Unwind with stress-relieving massages and hydrotherapy
Take part in culinary workshops
Make new friends for life
Balance your mind, body, and spirit
Arrive home relaxed and revived.


Individual health assessment
Body composition analysis
Medical consultation
Dietary assessment
Three plant-based meals a day
Optional liquid detox diet
Guided exercise sessions
Two full-body massages
Three hydrotherapy treatments
Lifestyle medicine workshops
Natural remedies workshops
Guided cooking classes
Recreational and spiritual activities
Seven nights of accommodation

SoZo Team

Dr Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell is a Newcastle trained General Practitioner with special interests in women’s health and lifestyle medicine. Knowing that at least 70% of our health problems are related to lifestyle choices and an environment that promotes obesity, she is passionate about empowering people to make better choices, and live longer, healthier and happier lives. She shares the care of her three busy sons with her husband. In her limited spare time she loves to read, walk, and be at the beach!
Dr. Russell Ing

Dr Ing is a general practitioner who believes--from personal and professional experience-- that lifestyle has a powerful impact on wellbeing. He loves to share what he has been learning whenever the opportunity arises. He lives with his beautiful wife and three precious children on the mid-north coast of NSW.
Renee Livingston
Massage Therapist

Livingston has over ten years of clinical experience and a B.A. of Health Science. She has worked in health retreat settings and private clinical practice. Renee values lifestyle strategies, nutritional solutions and patient education. Her areas of expertise include gut health, women's health and detoxification. Renee lives in Newcastle with her husband and two young children. 
Melinda Archer
Kitchen Coordinator
Plant-based Chef

Melinda Archer is the artist behind our delicious seasonal menus. She is a certified Community Health Educator who is passionate about helping people live longer and stronger through diet and lifestyle choices. She has been a ‘Plant-based Ambassador’ for 10+ years, spreading the word on healthy-eating through Cooking Classes, Grocery Store Tours, Kitchen Workshops and Vegan Cafe Nights. After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease over a decade ago, she discovered her own drug-free path to wellness and happily shares from her own experiences.
Kevin Munro 
Food & Diet Consultant
BSc(Hons)(Syd), GDipNutDiet(Syd), MA(Macq), MCDEM(S.Cross), JP

Prior to his retirement from dietetics in 2012, Kevin was a dietitian with over 30 years’ experience. He has worked in the public and private hospital sectors, in private practice, consulted to the aged care sector, and practiced as a food safety auditor and trainer for aged care staff. Since retirement Kevin has a growing interest in applying his nutrition experience to encourage others in the community to improve their wellness and wellbeing. Kevin lives on the Central Coast with his wife. 
Louise Munro
Formerly trained in nursing and midwifery, Louise has in the past 12 years enjoyed volunteering in community lifestyle programs such as CHIP and Depression & Anxiety Recovery. Louise became interested in lifestyle as medicine in the early 1970’s. This was due to an adverse reaction to medication prescribed for genetic hypercholesterolaemia. It was therefore out of necessity that she pursued a plant-based diet and regular exercise in lieu of medications. The ensuing benefits have surprised her doctors. It is no wonder she is extremely passionate about the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle..
Leah Hodge
Physical Trainer

Leah has a Certificate IV in Fitness and always been into whole-person health and fitness, especially after her diagnoses of an autoimmune disease in 2012. She loves running and has competed in half marathon's and triathlons. Her professional fitness career began in 2017, running Fitness Bootcamps as well as one on one training, specializing in interval training and strength training. 
Leoni Gardner
Massage Therapist
Nutritional Medicine

At her core, Leoni is passionate about health and wellness and helping others to experience life at its best - body, mind, and soul. She has a passion for wholistic health, the logic of food as medicine, and the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine as therapeutic agencies for the prevention and treatment of chronic degenerative conditions. She has an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and currently works as part of a team in a multi-modality clinical health practice. She also conducts Nourish 4 Life vegan and vegetarian cooking classes as well as health lectures in her local community, while working in a jointly-operated massage therapy clinic with her husband, Wayne.
Caitlin Cloete
Sports and Exercise Scientist

Caitlin has a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Sports Science and a Certificate IV in Fitness. She worked as an Exercise Physiologist for 6 months alongside a Physiotherapist specialising in sports and general rehabilitation. Caitlin has been running bootcamps and one on one PT sessions since 2015. Caitlin has a passion for health and fitness and in her spare time enjoys many activities such as rock climbing, jiu-jitsu, fencing, basketball and many more. Currently Caitlin is completing her Certificate in Outdoor Recreation and is Canoe/Kayak & Camping Qualified. Caitlin currently holds a First Aid & CPR Certificate as well as a Bronze Medallion and Gold Duke of Edenborough Award. She also has been involved in many health ministries and programs over the years, starting when she was in primary school. Caitlin has been involved in nursing, dentistry, massage therapy, nutrition, surgeries and general health and well-being throughout many clinics and missionary volunteering opportunities in South Africa, Cambodia & the Philippines.
Reinvigorate your life!
right on the picturesque New South Wales Coast for only $1595
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Double accommodation $1395

Enjoy daily workshops, delicious food, exercises, learn new habits and strategies to live an evidence-based life. Using the latest lifestyle medicine, our team of health professionals will guide you on a journey of personal transformation.

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